What happens after you are banned from driving

I've been banned from driving. What next?

I have been banned from driving. What happens next?

As soon as the Court imposes a ban, you are disqualified with immediate effect. You must notify your insurers of the disqualification, as if they are unaware of a ban, they could refuse to indemnify if any claim is made for your vehicle during the period of the ban, even though you are not using the vehicle. You must not drive or take control or supervise the driving of any motor vehicle of any description on a road or public place whilst disqualified.

Disqualification Driving Licence
Less than 56 days The Court would normally allow you to retain your driving licence which will then be automatically reinstated once the ban is served.
56+ days The licence would normally be retained by the Court (or requested by the DVLA) as your licence will also be revoked. You will therefore need to apply for the licence to be reissued which you can do towards the end of the ban by paying a fee to the DVLA.

I have been banned, can I appeal?

Yes. Please see our How do I appeal a ban ban? page, for further information.

Appeal a Driving Ban

Will I now have a criminal record? / Is a driving ban a criminal offence?

A criminal record is triggered by the offence, not the punishment. If you are banned under the totting up procedure, or receive an instant ban for say, speeding, you will not receive a criminal record as these are not arrestable offences. However, the more serious arrestable offences, such as drink driving, death by dangerous driving etc will result in a criminal record.

Can I ride a moped or motorbike when banned?

No. If you are disqualified from driving, you are banned from using any motorised vehicle for which you previously held a licence.

I was banned for speeding on my motorbike. Can I still drive my car?

No. A ban covers all categories of motor vehicle.

Can I drive abroad?

Whilst a UK Court only has jurisdiction in the UK, your DVLA licence will no longer entitle you to drive abroad whilst the ban is effective. You can continue to drive abroad (but not in the UK) if you hold another valid non DVLA licence.

Can I apply for a foreign driving licence?

Yes. If you follow the appropriate procedure to obtain a licence in another country, and pass the relevant tests, you can obtain a non UK licence. However, you would still not be entitled to drive in the UK for the period of any disqualification imposed and will not be able to exchange your UK licence for a non-UK licence.

Can I supervise a learner driver?

No. To act as a supervising driver, you must hold a full driving licence.

I am already banned but cannot recall the period of disqualification. How can I find out how much longer I need to serve?

You can search all your driving licence information via the DVLA link:


How do I get my licence back after a ban?

Disqualification Driving Licence
Less than 56 days Disqualifications are now recorded electronically by the DVLA so for bans of less than 56 days, the photocard driving licence is not physically required by the agency. Once you have served the disqualification, the licence is reinstated automatically in the absence of any other Order indicating that you need to retake your test etc.
56+ days

Your licence will automatically be revoked so if your licence has not been retained by the Court, you will be required to return it to the DVLA. As you near the end of the disqualification, you can apply for the licence to be reinstated which requires a fee to be paid to the DVLA but once that is done, you can resume driving as soon as the ban is served, even if you have not physically received the licence back. If you do not pay the fee, your licence will remain revoked so whilst the ban would be concluded, if you drive, you could be prosecuted for "driving otherwise than in accordance with your licence" but you will not be prosecuted for driving whilst disqualified because you have served the ban in full. It should be noted that a prosecution for "driving otherwise than in accordance with your licence" is often accompanied with an allegation of "no insurance" as your Policy will not be valid if your licence has not been reinstated.


I was banned but why have my previous penalty points not been removed from my driving licence?

Penalty points are only removed from your driving licence when you are disqualified under the totting up process, which would normally result in a ban of 6 months. This would then have the effect of "wiping the slate clean" and removing all points taken into account when the totting up ban was imposed. An instant ban, which is not subject to the totting up process, has no effect on other penalty points.

Can I apply for my licence to be returned before I have served the full ban?

Yes. For bans of 2 years or more, you can apply for your licence to be reinstated once you have served either 2 years or 50% of the ban, whichever is the longer.

I was ordered to retake my driving test. Do I need to apply for a provisional licence?

If your driving licence has been retained by the Court until you pass a driving test, you have to make a formal application for your licence to be reinstated. This means applying for a provisional licence and taking the theory/practical test.

In most cases, the Court will order that you take the extended test and full details as to how this can be progressed are available from the DVLA: